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Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN)
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  Capacity Enhancement Program

The Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) is an important step initiated by the Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN) to strengthen the Diocesan partners. The concept is based on the fact that the capacity building of the partner staffs and other selected members would strengthen them and in turn make them a strong resource team for implementing quality programs for the development of communities. The net-working of the partner societies and their efforts for people’s development are made more effective when the staffs are motivated and capacitated and their systems are at place. SIGN is committed to the building of the partner society, its systems and staffs and other important stakeholders from the community engaged in development.

Objectives of CEP
# Building a well informed Resource Team in the Regional and diocesan level to form resource teams in the villages using the inclusive Right Based Approach to achieve integrated development of the poor.
# Making the participants of the workshops experts in the thrust areas of livelihood, governance and Rights for the development of the people.
# Preparing the participants sound in development dynamics and development Mantras of People’s Awareness; People’s Education; People’s Organization; People’s Power and People’s Action
# Imparting expertise to the participants on the art of implementing monitoring, reporting and documenting

SIGN has completed training on ‘Livelihood’ in each partner area. The main contents of the trainings were:
# Stages of Identification of Livelihood Opportunities
# Mapping of Livelihood Portfolio
# Understanding markets in livelihood promotion context
# Systemic Rice Intensification# Bio Intensive Garden
# Rainfed Rabi Cropping
# Relay cropping,
# Mixed cropping and Farm Pond
# Entrepreneurship Option, Bee Keeping, Floriculture, Lac Cultivation, Tassar Cultivation Poultry, Piggery, Goatry
# Vermi Compost
# Government schemes: PMEGP, SGSY, MNREGA and others

Training was organized at XLRI, Jamshedpur on Managerial and Leadership Development for High Performance for all the Directors and Asst. Directors of Jharkhand and Bihar from December 07 – 10, 2010. The program was inaugurated by Most Rev. Charles Soreng S.J., the Bishop of Hazaribagh and present during the inauguration were Fr. Abraham, the Director of XLRI, Prof. M G Jomon and other faculties. Most Rev. Felix Toppo, the President of SIGN too spent quality time with the Directors.

The following topics were dealt with during the course of the training:
1. Identification, Assessment and Development of Competencies
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Skilled incompetence
4. Personality
5. Leadership
6. Change Management
7. Transactional Analysis
8. Creativity
9. Vision & Mission
10. Organisational Culture
11. Strategies for improving group effectiveness
12. The art of mentoring
13. Team mapping

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