Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking
Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN)
3rd Floor, Social Development Centre,
Camil Bulkhe Path
Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand, India
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The Catholic Health Care efforts in Jharkhand have been phenomenal down the years. The Nurse Sisters have wrought wonders in the life of the marginalized people being effective health service providers in the remote villages of Jharkhand. Their commitment and dedication is unparalleled. In fact, they have been already realizing the goals and objectives of NRHM in a micro way in their own area and context. However, they remain almost invisible and go unnoticed.

The Bishops of Jharkhand in their meeting held on 9th March 2010 dwelt upon the need to give visibility to the contribution of the Church of Jharkhand in health sector. They entrusted the endeavor to Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN), their official body for social concern and human development. SIGN held reflections with a group of doctors and nurses and arrived at a conclusion to undertake a health facility survey before making a comprehensive health strategy for Jharkhand. SIGN and CRS together designed scientific tools for the Health Facility survey.

Focus group discussions were held in each diocese with the doctors and nurse sisters giving input and clarification on the designed tools. The nurse sisters, enlightened by the discussion, extended their support in completing the health facility survey. SIGN engaged AISD (Asian Institute for Sustainable Development), Ranchi to do the data entry and tabulation of the data.

The component of the survey Tool
# Information on the health related Faith Based Organizations (FBO) in Jharkhand
# Infrastructure of FBO in Jharkhand
# Existing skills and competencies of the FBOs in Jharkhand
# Existing outreach of the FBOs in the Jharkhand
# Existing Govt. programs , schemes and facilities in the service area of Partner FBOs
# Existing Health programs and project at FBOs of Jharkhand
# Existing collaboration with Govt. of Jharkhand health Program
# Major health problems in the service area of these organizations
# Prevalence of diseases in the service area of these organizations
# Proposed strategies for addressing major health problems in Jharkhand
# Innovative programs and interventions by the FBOs in Jharkhand
# Impact of Health services and program of the FBOs in their targeted areas

A major meeting was held in SDC, Ranchi on 22nd March 2011 to discuss on the findings as well as to release the same in a book titled, “Towards Partnership”. The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Aradhana Patnaik I.A.S., NRHM Mission Director and His Eminence Cardinal Telesphore P Toppo, Dr. Pradeep Baskey, the State Malaria Officer; all the Bishops of Jharkhand; dignitaries from NGO sector and public life; all the Development Directors; Doctors & Nurse Sisters; Friends from Media and other participants numbering to 200 were present in the meeting cum reflection. The resource persons were: Dr. Suranjeen, Dr. Issac; Dr. Jeevan, Mr. Sanjay Singh-UNICEF, Mr. Poddar from CDMU Calcutta and Fr. S. Christu Das, Director SIGN.

Proposed Goals and Objectives
Improving the health care status of the communities served by the Faith Based Health organizations in Jharkhand in convergence with NRHM

# Reduction of Maternal & Infant Mortality Rate
# Reduce death due to communicable diseases, with special focus on Malaria, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, STI and Kala-azar (only in the endemic districts)

# Capacity Building
# Behaviour Change Communication
# Promote all the essential services of Primary Health Care with family/household focus

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