Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking
Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN)
3rd Floor, Social Development Centre,
Camil Bulkhe Path
Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand, India
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  Director's Message

It gives me an overwhelming sense of joy and delight as I present to you, our partners, well-wishers and readers, the Annual report of SIGN, Ranchi for 2014-2015. SIGN is on a march by dint of hard work and commitment towards the realization of its goals and objectives. It cannot, certainly boast of any extraordinary accomplishments, but can happily dwell on its modest contributions in the process of empowering people. Handholding and accompanying; animation and awakening; capacitating and enabling have been the ‘mantras’ used in the process of empowerment with the sole intention of bringing out the best in them to live the ordinary in an extraordinary manner. The belief is in the local cotton than in the imported silk. SIGN has initiated many programs towards this end.

'Awakening the Adivasi Soul' is one of the major interventions of SIGN. It has been inspirational and energising through and through. Two books, 'The Major Adivasi groups of Jharkhand', and 'The prime Heroes of Jharkhand' published by SIGN have added feathers to its cap. Proudly, both the books were released by the then Hon’ble HRD Minister of Jharkhand in the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, the bishops of Jharkhand and many other dignitaries. It was indeed a privileged moment.

SIGN has intensified its attention on the farmers, the backbone of the country. The main thrust is capacitating them to have a scientific outlook, broad knowledge base, organic thinking, contextualised thought process, seasonal engagements, handy skills, and a deep sense of commitment. They will have to realize the vast potential available within and all around them turning those into fruit bearing opportunities. The effort has just begun and it appears that the harvest is not very far.

SIGN also took another bold step to bring out the second edition of the Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG), a handbook for the Nurse Sisters serving in the rural areas. This book was released by the then Hon’ble Health Minister of Jharkhand in the presence of several dignitaries. It did make a difference.

The purpose of all these endeavours is to ensure a dignified life for all. The world, indeed, is under a very close scanner today. Human dignity is vandalized without the slightest remorse; the poor are viewed a liability, or just a dumb labour force; the universal consciousness is appears tarnished and tainted. Shameless incidents that keep occurring across the globe chill one’s bone marrow. What could we do to end such mayhem? The answer lies beyond our capacity though the call is to be the leaven, to go around doing some good with an undeterred belief that the extraordinary is the transformed ordinary.

- Fr. S. Christu Das

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