Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking
Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN)
3rd Floor, Social Development Centre,
Camil Bulkhe Path
Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand, India
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SIGN was actively engaged in supporting and accompanying the health personnel in the faith-based Health Centres operational across Jharkhand.

Obliging to the request of the Health Sisters, SIGN, in collaboration with CDMU, Kolkata brought out the 2nd edition of the Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG). It was released on 21.04.2014 by the then Hon'ble Minister, Rajendra Prasad Singh, Finance, Commercial Taxes, Energy, health and Parliamentary Affairs of Jharkhand in the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, bishops of Jharkhand, provincials, representatives from CDMU, health sisters, and other dignitaries. Jharkhand also extended the help to Bihar and the STG was released in Patna by the Hon'ble Health Minister of Bihar in the presence of Most Rev. William D'Souza, Fr. S. Christu Das, Director, SIGN, representative from CDMU, Doctors, Sisters and other dignitaries. Fr. S. Christu Das spoke on the occasion about the collaborative effort of SIGN and CDMU in bringing out such an important Manuel and how the help has been extended to Bihar through the Bihar Social Forum headed by Fr. Amal Raj. This indeed is a great accomplishment for SIGN, the Jharkhand Social Forum. Collaboration and Networking are the mantras in development.

A workshop on 'Deliberations on the Standards for Clinical Establishments' was held on 07.10.2014 at SDC, Ranchi and it was participated by bishops, Provincials and Health personal numbering 165. The workshop was animated by Dr. Jeevan, Nav Jivan Hospital, Satbarwa and Fr. S. Christu Das, the Director of SIGN. The participants discussed on the issue and decided to request the government to include the 'Nurse-led Health Centres', as one of the entities in the Clinical establishments. A letter was composed to this effect as well as standards were proposed for such an entity and the same were sent to the Health Ministries of both the central and the State governments. A breakthrough indeed! The significant fact is that the workshop motivated the participants to communicate to the government the truth of the matter that very committed sister nurses have been working in the remotest areas of Jharkhand for a century and more and their services be acknowledged.

Workshops in all the 9 dioceses were conducted on 'Paradigm Shift in Health Ministry', or 'New way of being in Health Mission' participated by all the Health personnel from the faith-based health centres of all the 9 dioceses. The workshop led to a reflection on the present day context of health interventions. The unanimous outcome was to engage in adolescent health while continuing the initiatives taken to ensure Primary Health Care Services.

A Training of Trainers (TOT) was held at SDC, Ranchi from 27-29 Jan 2015 for selected Health Sisters, in all, from the 9 dioceses in the Region on 'Adolescent Health'. UNICEF, Ranchi supported the workshop with resource persons and course materials. They supplied printed materials and CDs. The trained personnel in turn conducted the same to the Health Sisters in all the 9 dioceses to initiate the process of beginning adolescent groups, 'Saheli Sanghatans' in schools and villages adjacent to the Health Centre. Training was also given to the Sisters on the use of the 2nd edition of the Standard Treatment Guidelines on the following dates with the help of doctors.

CDMU and SIGN partnership has ventured into another adventure in supporting the Health Centres. Resourceful accompaniment is being extended to 41 Health Centres in the 8 dioceses of Jharkhand in order to make them models in the long run. The intensive accompaniment extended to the selected health centres will result in a constructive evaluation and proposals for improvement. The work has already begun in all the dioceses.

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