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  Stories of Change

(1) Going beyond the visible

Siromina Nagesia was totally blind – blind as far as sight and perception were concerned. She never bothered to take her child Guddu Nagesia for immunization. She lived in Chiropath village of Mahuadanr Block along with her husband Sunil Nagesia. They used to get information from the Sahiya about the date of immunization. Her child was now 10 months old but they never bothered to take the child for any vaccination.

The community Mobilizer, Mr. Josephat of Samaj Vikas Sanstha, Chandwa came to know about Siromina Nagesia and visited the family in the second week of January 2015.

He visited and spent time with the family for 3 consecutive days. He spoke to Siromina and her husband about immunization and how it was beneficial to her child. Finally her inner eyes opened up. She was able to see and realize the benefits for her child.On 17 January 2015, the 10-month-old child was brought for immunization to the VHND centre at Chiro. Now with Mr. Josephat, the family of Siromina has become the agent of motivating other parents about the benefits and importance of immunization. The blind cannot lead the blind.

(2) PIGS give new hope

Mr. Raphel Gari belongs to Bahaya village in Lupung panachayat of Angara block in Ranchi District. He has two sons and one daughter. All of them are studying in local schools. Mr. Raphel Gari is a simple farmer very committed to his work though the income from cultivation was not sufficient to take care of the basic expenses of the family.

His wife, once, joined in the NRLM (National Rural Livelihood Mission) meeting animated by one of the coordinators of Catholic Caharities, Ranchi and she applied for loan from her group to buy pigs. She got the loan and bought a pair of pigs. She took care of them just with the leftovers of the house and without incurring any expenses on them. After a year and a half, the pair of pigs gave birth to 15 piglets. The family decided to sell all the piglets after 3 months, each piglet fetching Rs.1500.00. They earned Rs. 22500.00 on the piglets and earning has been deposited in the bank for the education of their children. Their dream of educating their children rests on the present and future piglets. A novel way of educating and caring for the children

(3) Where there is will there is a way

Lukas Hembrom, age 26, is a resident of Jombro village. He has his wife and 2 children. He is a farmer engaged in the cultivation of the family land and earning an income that would take care of the family nearly for 6 months. He would then set out to earn for the survival of the family for the next 6 months. Sometimes he migrated to faraway places, sometime he managed to get some work in the village or in the neighbourhood. He had been trying his best to take care of the family though it was very difficult as sometimes labour was not always available. It was then that he came in touch with Catholic Charities, Jamshedpur and shared his problems with some of its staffs. The staffs asked him to participate in the village meetings and the trainings organized by Catholic Charities in his village to which he obliged with enthusiasm. The interest shown by Lukas during the meetings and the trainings motivated the staffs to encourage him to take a loan from the members of Yuva Kisan Committee of the village. He applied for the loan of Rs. 5000.00 for vegetable cultivation and it was sanctioned. He worked hard applying the knowledge and skill he gained from the trainings and was overwhelmed by the crop. He used the vegetable for home consumption, shared some with well wishers and sold the rest in the local market to Rs. 15000.00. He easily returned the loan and has planned to cultivate vegetable in one acre of land.

Now he has become one of the very active members in the village Gram Sabha. The members were impressed by his enthusiasm and felt pity for him as he was living in a hut. They applied for an Indira Awas for him and got it sanctioned in the name of his wife. The house is almost ready and now the family is residing in the newly made house. He has also admitted two of his children in St. Mark’s Hostel, Toklo. He is very thankful to Catholic Charities and maintains a warm and productive relationship.

(4) Small initiative can bring change

There is a small hamlet in Barabarpani Panchayat called Kudrum Pahantoli. Mr. Dewnish Kiro of the village has been showing keen interest in the trainings organized by Vikas Kendra, supported by SIGN. He expressed his view that a special training be organized in his own village to open the eyes of the other farmers. Complying with his request training was organized in his village for the farmers. Mr. Dewnish Kiro was very excited and motivated everyone in the village to follow the path of development by improving the quality of cultivation. The training and a separate exposure organized for the farmers of the Pahantoli animated their spirit and they decided to grow vegetables in their village along with the motivating force of Mr. Dewnish Kiro. There is a qualitative change in the mindset of the farmers and Mr. Dewnish Kiro leads from front by selling vegetables in every market and earning a profit of Rs. 500.00 and above in every market day. They also have begun SRI cultivation to intensify crop output.

(5) Connecting Hearts

'If there is a will there is a way', this proverb has come true in case of village community of Latauli. The bridge which is displayed in the picture has been constructed in the Kutibeda stream by the people of Kutibeda, Mengotoli, Gudlupiri, Lodobbari and Jilingburu. The people of these hamlets were facing difficulty in terms of road connectivity. It was more difficult especially during the rainy season. The school going children of the hamlets could not go to school during the rainy season. There was no option for the people than to remain cut off from the rest of the world. During sickness or other difficult situations people could not take the patient to PHC or referral hospital in Torpa. The situation today has changed thanks to the continuous motivational trainings and the initiative taken by Mr. Etwa Dodrai. He sensitized the community members of Kutibeda, Mengotoli, Gudlupiri, Lodobbari and Jilingburu. People were enthused and the cemented pipes lying useless in another place were brought; stone were gathered from the jungle and the culvert is a reality today. The hearts are connected and life is little easier.

(6) Knowledge and skill change lifestyle

Antoni Kujur is a farmer from the village Hario, Torar. He depended only on cultivating food grains like paddy and wheat. The income was not sufficient to manage the family. Cultivation too has been just rain fed, as there is no facility for irrigation. Jan Vikas Kendra, Hazaribag offered him an opportunity to undergo training at K.V.K. Hazaribag. He gained much knowledge about scientific ways of cultivating as well as gathered knowledge too of cash crop cultivation. He opted to begin plantation of mango saplings in his land. He managed to plant many mango saplings and today they have become fruit bearing trees giving him good income. He has become a forerunner in the village.

(7) Give light to others

Krishna Oraon is a farmer from Arangi village of Arangi Panchayat in Ghaghara Block, Gumla District of Jharkhand State. This village is situated 50 kms north of the district headquarter. He regularly attended the training programs conducted in Gram Uthan. He decided to go away from conventional rice cultivation and take up the SRI method. He was well motivated and inspired by the learning given during sustainable agriculture training program. He realized the profit in SRI method of rice cultivation. He transplanted paddy in one acre of land under this system and the yield is two times more than earlier. Now he is very happy and goes to other villages to teach this system of rice cultivation to the farmers.

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