Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking
Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN)
3rd Floor, Social Development Centre,
Camil Bulkhe Path
Ranchi 834001, Jharkhand, India
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  Stories of Change

(1) Bonded in the feeling of ownership

Saidup village in Barwadih Block has a Micro Planning team born out of the intervention. The purpose of its formation is to create awareness among people on the available natural resources in the village; its protection, promotion and generating a deep sense of ownership. The team consists of ten active farmers. They took different steps and initiatives to protect their existing forest & planting more trees to increase the forest cover. They also learnt that a thick forest cover would be to their advantage as it will cause more rainfall and stop soil erosion. It will also be a boost to their livelihood as many people depend on the forest for supplementary food. The team awakened the people of the village, prepared a social and resource map, spotting on it all available natural resources and encouraged the people to protect their forest and other endowments of nature. People were also motivated to do tree plantation, contour trench, Gully plugs, and water bodies and get all the benefits of the government schemes available especially under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. The process led to their bonding motivating them to care for nature and one another.

(2) Determination and motivation are keys to success

Mr. Peter Bodra of Latauli village, Torpa Block is a determined person and the fact that he is retired Army personnel speaks for the determination. He has become a model today for all the farmers of Latauli and its neighbouring villages in Torpa block. He realized that the pension was not sufficient to provide quality education to his children. The capacity building conducted by SIGN gave him a new belief, make the land more productive. He said to himself that the land should produce. He took to vegetable cultivation. He also participated in the seminar on vegetable cultivation and Horticulture initiative training at Ranchi, from 25-26 September 2012 and HARP (ICAR) at Palandu from 27-29 September 2012, organized by SIGN, Ranchi. After the training he has cultivated vegetables and Pulses about in one acre of land. He is on his feet. He wants to teach all the farmers that hard work can yield much fruit. He has checked a small river stream which flows rather close to his land and the water is sufficient till the month of April. He has also a 2.5 HP diesel pump by which he irrigates the vegetable garden. Determination and motivation are keys to success.

(3) Self Help Group makes her to help self

Pratima Devi Singh of Runghikocha village in Anandpur block of East Singhbhum district is a member of Adarsh Jagriti Mahila Samiti of which Meena Devi is the president. Devendra Singh, the husband of Pratima Devi is an awakened person too. Both of them have been participating in many of the workshops conducted by SIGN in partnership with Catholic Charities, Jamshedpur on Natural Resource Management, Self Help, Livelihood Options, Rights, Entitlements etc. The impact was that supported by her husband Pratima Devi Singh applied for a loan for Self Employment under the Prime Minister Self Employment Scheme. She received Rs. 300,000.00 with a subsidy of 35% and the loan to be returned within 5 years with 13% interest. She has already bought from Balasore, Odessa, 6 machines for making leaf plates and leaf bowls with a Generator and a stabilizer. 4000 leaf plates can be made in a day by one machine or 9600 leaf bowls. The production has already started and they are getting order from neighbouring markets. However, Pratima or Devendra has to undergo a training in Ranchi for furthering their skill and to be certified to be in the business which they are planning to undertake shortly. The leaves for both plates and the bowls come from forests because of which almost 100 people can earn their daily bread and 10 people can get job directly under them. They have believed fiercely and the machines will do the rest. Self Help Group makes her to help self.

(4) Fruits hidden in Hard work

Mrs. Mary Lata is from Sitagarha village. Sitagarha is under Sadar Block and 7 kms away from Jan Vikas Kendra, Hazaribag. She has hardly 14-15 katha of land and an open well. She is a hard working lady sweating out in her vegetable garden throughout the year and cultivates seasonal vegetables. She has created linkage with the market and therewith salesmen come to her house to buy vegetables. She says I enjoy gardening in my vegetable garden and produce vegetables for house and for selling. I never lack money for my needs and the needs of the family. She is now an inspiration for all the men & women in the village. Many women have begun cultivating vegetables after getting inspiration from her. Mrs. Mary Lata is living a happy life with her family and has become an example of the fruits hidden in hard work.

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