Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking


As said earlier tribals are identified with their farming, but lose of land, erratic rain and low return from their rain-fed mono-cropping has discouraged most of the tribal communities. Tribal youth is exploring opportunities of future in different places than their homeland.

Against this background SIGN broadly focuses on the aspects of land rights, land development, ensuring food security sustainable agricultural practices. SIGN is putting its effort in ensuring more people‚Äôs participation, involvement, contribution and improves chances of long-term sustainability through scientific agricultural practices. SIGN facilitates them to form into Kisan Club and work with Kisan Miter. SIGN takes following approaches: 

SIGN effort is to promote mono cropping to multiple cropping. In this regard, SIGN puts effort to revisit the practice of growing papaya, raggi, moringa and parwal, which were very familiar to them few years back; and while doing this intercropping mode will be promoted. They will be using vermi compost and, if needed, organic pesticide prepared by themselves could be used. They will sell their products as an entrepreneur. They themselves will be able to fix the price of their product. This project will try to promote unity among the villagers.

SIGN takes technical assistance from Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Hazaribagh, Birsa Agricultural University (BAU), Semina Agro and all the other institution, which offers technique to the farmers for sustainable agriculture.


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