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Gender equality is something that SIGN has strived for, for a long time. Be it in terms of gender roles, right to education. The times have changed tremendously and much more things to be done. While at one time, tribal girls were just supposed to do household work and not go to school, the times have changed tremendously. Now women and men work together. They are supposed to have equal rights to have proper education. It is sad that in the name of job big number of women and young girls become the victims of human trafficking and lose their dignity. The events of rape, molestation, harassment, acid attacks, trafficking and many more heinous crimes are very common to them. Therefore SIGN has taken up Gender issue with utmost urgency to protect and promote women participation in all spheres of life. SIGN promotes such programme where women could take a lead role to develop their village without any external support. SIGN tries to identify active-women as community leaders as an agents of change in their respective villages.


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