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“Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking” (SIGN) is the official Body of the Catholics Bishops of Jharkhand for social concern and human development. It anchors the efforts of the 8 Social Service Societies of the dioceses of Ranchi, Gumla, Jamshedpur, Simdega, Khunti, Daltonganj, Hazaribagh and Dumka in promoting a just and humane society based on the gospel values of love, peace, equality and dignity to all. It also becomes a natural platform for the 8 partners for cross learning and gap analysis. The Forum – SIGN is the State-level face or the State-level representative of the 8 partner dioceses and all of them together own its identity and destiny.


In 1992 noble thought of FORUM emerged to discuss the cross cuttings Social Development Issues across Bihar and Andaman. And in 2002 FORUM was registered under the Society Registration Act 21, 1860 as “BIHAN (Bihar and Andaman) SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY”, having its registered office at Sadaquat Ashram, Patna. This forum was initiated as a common platform where all the Diocesan Social Service Societies (DSSS) of Bihar, Jharkhand and Andamans would come together and interact. However, after six months FORUM was renamed as “BIJHAN (Bihar, Jharkhand and Andaman) SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY” due to the creation of Jharkhand. Bro Bernard SJ for Bihar and Fr. C.R. Prabhu for Jharkhand and Andamans was appointed by the BIJHAN Bishops’ Conference as secretaries to convene the meetings and coordinating the DSSS of respective states. In July 26, 2007 a Resolution was passed to trifurcate BIJHAN FORUM into Bihar SSS, Jharkhand SSS and Andaman SSS. Jharkhand SSS has 8 partner Dioceses viz. Daltonganj, Dumka, Gumla, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur, Khunti, Ranchi and Simdega

8 Ecclesiastical Dioceses in the Archdiocese of Ranchi 8 Diocesan Social Service Societies
Ranchi (May 25, 1927 form Archdiocese of Calcutta)
Jamshedpur (July 2, 1962)
Dumka (August 8, 1962)
Daltonganj (June 5, 1971)
Gumla (July 1, 1993)
Simdega (July 1, 1993)
Hazaribagh (May 12, 1995)
Khunti (May 12, 1995)
Daltonganj – Samaj Vikas Sanstha
Dumka – Social and Education Development Centre
Gumla – Gram Uthan kendra
Hazaribagh – Jan Vikas Kendra
Jamshedpur – Catholic Charity/Samekit Jan Vikas Kendra
Khunti – Hoffmann social Service Society
Ranchi – Catholic Charity
Simdega – Vikas Kendra



In 2010 the Forum was renamed as ‘Social Initiatives for Growth and Network’ (SIGN) and for the practical reasons it was reregistered under Society Registration Act 21,1860 as SIGN, having its office at Social Development Centre, 3rd Floor, Dr. Camil Bulcke Path (Purulia Road), PB No. 5, Ranchi, Jharkhand. It is the official agency for social concern and human development under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Jharkhand and Andamans (JHAN), India. Each Diocesan Social Service Societies under JHAN region has an independent registered wing of their respective dioceses for the Social Work and is involved directly in the field level activities.


SIGN is known through its different programme activities and projects – CBDP, Safe Migration, Natural Resource Management, Youth Animation, Capacity Building Programme, Routine Immunisation and Polio Eradication. SIGN is gaining goodwill and strong interface with the local as well as state Government. It has good linkage with all the Diocesan Social Service Societies of Jharkhand – and can act in a coordinated manner. We also work along with other international humanitarian aid agencies like UNICEF, Caritas India, CRS, Manos Unidas, Kindermission wreck etc; and other local and national NGOs.

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