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January – March 2020


One day workshop on Children Parliament was conducted on 8th January 2020 at SIGN, Ranchi. Fr. KiranOlakkengil, theDirector of Madhya PradeshSamajSevaSansthan (MPSSS)Forum, was the resource person for the day. Directors from all the eight diocesan partners along with their coordinator and also the accountants were present for the workshop.


In his presentation Fr. Kiran mentioned about the need and importance of Children’sParliament. He mentioned that by forming Children’sParliament we are able to prepare good leader for the future. Children’sParliament becomes a platform for the children to voice their needs, their thoughts. The members of the Children’s Parliament eventually start playing the role of advocacy in the development in small and large scale with proper liaison with the local government bodies.  He also mentioned that the ministers of the children parliament also bind and strengthen the linkage with the districts and central government bodies too.


In the afternoon, on the same day, Mr. Mahadev Hansda, the State Program Manager of at Save the Children, Jharkhand, Indiacontinued with Children’s Parliament. He strongly mentioned on the Rights of every Child. He said each child deserves to have his/her basic Rights to be met. He also said about their Progressive Rights which includes Economic, Social & Cultural Rights. Mr. Mahadev Hansda also gave the constitutional Framework of Child Rights: The fundamental Rights which include civil and political rights and economic, social, and cultural rights, Directive Principles which have paved the way for recognition of certain social rights and also court’s approach under Article 32 and the High court under Article 226 to seek relief for a violation of fundamental rights.


He highlighted the Expression Rights of Children that includes Article 12- The Child’s opinion, Article 13- Freedom of expression, Article 14- Freedom of thoughts, conscience and religion and Article 15 – Freedom of association. AlsoSpecial provisions for Children Article 15 (3) give the rights to Education under Article 21 A. He said that Jharkhand face the challenge of child marriage, child labour, child abuse and child migration. Children’s Parliament could be one of the means to over these challenges in Jharkhand.



In continuation of Children’s Parliament learning, SIGN team and its 5 partner dioceses Ranchi, Khunti, Gumla, Simdega and Daltonganj, visited the project area of “Save the Children” at Sisai Block of Gumla district in Jharkhand on15th of February 2020. Team visited two villages viz. Semra and Charda.InSemra village, team had opportunity to interact the members of Children’s Parliament to understand process to form and strengthen the children group (Girls & Boys) to address the child protection issues at the village, block and district level. InCharda/Manglo village of Charda panchayatteam had opportunity to interact with Village Level Children’s Protection Committee of Children’sParliament to understand the child representation in the VLCPC and how they are addressing the child protection issues and concern in their local level. It was a good exposure for all the partners.




‘AdivasiEktaParishad’ has taken up reflective movement on various issues like Tribal unity and Self respect, dignity, revival of Tribal art and Culture, History and knowledge in all over the world. This year from 13thto 15th January 2020, 27th Conference of ‘AdivasiEktaParishad’ as AdivasiSanskritikEktaMahaSammelanwas organized at Palghar Maharashtra. Mr. Satyendra Kumar Tudu and Mrs. Chanchal Bara as well as 2 Field project staff viz. Mr. Prem PrakashTopno from Palamau district and Mr. Michael Hansda from Sahenbganj District attended this Sammelan.


Sammelan started with a rally called “AdivasiBachaoYatra” on 13th January in ‘Kolgaon’ Palghar, followed by worship of different traditional historical leaders. Our own JharkhandiLeader‘BhagwanBirsaMunda’, was given the central stage among all the tribal leaders. On the first day yearly report was presented by the representatives from the states on development of tribal leadership among women and preserving tribal identity. One the same day there was reflection on 10 issues on ‘Towards Tribal sustainable Future…….’


On 14th of January the participants went for ‘AdivasiSanskritikEktaMaharaily’ and reach to the meeting place Kolgaon after walking 15 KM with the statue of BhagwanBirsaMunda. Second day of ‘AdivasiEktaMahasammelan’ was the main event of the conference. It started with Welcome-Key note address by Sri KaluramDhodre, the founder of ‘AdivasiEktaParishad’. Later many dignitaries,including within the country and outside the country, addressed the big 3 Lakh participants of ‘AdivasiEktaParishad’.


Honorable Governor of Chhattisgarh ‘Ms. AnusuiyaUikey’ was the Chief Guest of the Occasion and she mentioned about various constitutional provision for the tribal like; 5th and 6th Schedule, PESA and Forest Right Act 2006. She also mentioned various challenges of the tribal community. Land alienation is one of them. She called that unity among tribal is the only way to get their various customary and constitutional right. Representatives of SIGN came back with rich experience and motivated to do something in Jharkhand.



A team of 5 persons went for an exposure visit to Kalahandi district of Orissa from 21st to 24th January 2020. The purpose of the visit was:


To see the process of value addition in Rural Livelihood by adding energy into rural livelihood and do Energy need assessment with rural self-employed.


On 22nd January, the 1stday participants had opportunity to interact with individual rural livelihood ownersat Thuamul Rampur Block of Bhawanipatna district andlearn how does this solar energy facilitated by SELCO makes difference in this income of an individual’s life.


The trades witnessed were: –

  • Rice hauling and polishing machine.
  • Tailoring
  • Motor garage and air filling machine
  • Common Service Centre with Xerox and studio and the
  • House Lighting System

On the second day, participants visitedRaigada district. The trade was pulse milling plant in Bissam atRaigada district. Here the focus was on Farmers Producers Organization. Here the participants learnt how the Farmers became self-reliant by using solar energy.



From 5thFebruary to 7th February 2020 a three days Result Based Planning Training was organized at Don Bosco Youth and Educational Society, Bariatu, Ranchi. All the directors and coordinators of eight diocese Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Khunti, Dumka, Simdega, Daltanganj, Jamshedpur and Gumla were present. The priest and nuns from Faith Based organization were present for the training. Mr. KhileshChaturwedi, freelance consultant from Gurgaon was the resource person for this training.


The training was conducted with the participatory methodology. The trainer built on participants’ level of knowledge by seeking their views and opinions on various issues. A plenary and group discussion was used to explore various subjects followed by presentations by the facilitator as necessary. The presentation was supported by relevant examples from the field.

The training had a component of practice. The practice was provided to acquire familiarity with the concepts and a certain degree of confidence in handling them.


During the training participants learnt about following

Project Cycle,

Problem (Situational) Analysis,

Making SMART Objectives,

Different types of Results,

Identification of Qualitative and Quantitative Results

Making Indicators

Means of verification

Log Frame


The participants had an enriching learning experience.




From 10th and 11th February, 2020, SIGN conducted two-days workshop on Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and 4 Key Strategic Pillarsof Caritas India, at Don Bosco Youth & Educational Service, Bariatu, Ranchi. There were 35 participants from Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Hazaribag and Daltonganj Dioceses for this workshop. Mr. AlexanderKerketta the state program manager from Caritas India was the main resource person for this two-days workshop. To teach about Catholic Social Teaching, Alex took the Holy Bible as the base resource. He elaborated the gospel values by quoting the word from the Holy Bible “You are the Salt of Earth” (Mathew: 5:13-16).It means we all, the Christen community, are supposed to be theSalt of the earth to preserve the truth of the Bible, to bring meaning (like salt brings taste in the food) in everybody’s life. During the session he explained about the tribal soul and its identity in the current scenario and the policy formation for tribal on the context of Laudatosi, the encyclical of Pope Francis (officially published on 18th June 2015).


Fr. Bipin Pani the director of SIGN talked with participants on the context of four basic principles of Catholic Social Teaching viz.Human dignity, Common goods, Subsidiary and Solidarity and concluded his talk with briefing the four key strategic pillars which are Empowering Animation, Dialogue, Volunteerism and Sharing Community of Caritas. Over the entire workshop was based on other different activities thus the two days workshop was most valuable for all the participants in today’s scenario.



It was for the first time in the history of Jharkhand that Lenten Campaign was launched. SIGN together with the staff of Caritas India, went diocese to diocese to launch the Lenten Campaign as part of Sharing Community, one of the 4 Key Strategic Pillars of Caritas India. This campaign was done in the beginning of Lenten season. The purpose was make people realize that it is the local church, who has to contribute towards the upbringing and strengthening of local church.


Following are the dates when Lenten campaign was launched:

On 23rd February at St. Patrick Cathedral, Gumla by Rev. Fr. Cyprian Kullu, the VG of Gumla Diocese

On 26th February launched by Most Rev. Anand Jojo, Hazaribagh

On 1st Marchat Don Bosco Church, Hessag by His Grace Most Rev Felix Toppo, S.J. and at St. Mary’s Cathedral, by Most Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas, SFX

On 1st March at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Jamshedpur by Most Rev.TelesphoreBilung, SVD

On 1st March at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Khunti by Most Rev. BinayKandulna

On 8th March at Catholic Church, Simdega by Most Rev. Vincent Barwa

On 15th March at Christ the King Church, Chandua, Daltonganj by Most Rev. Anand Jojo



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