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President’s Message


+Felix Toppo. SJ

Archbishop of Ranchi

Chairman of Regional Bishops Council of JHAAN

President of SIGN


Dear Friends and Well Wishers,

SIGN over the last one decade has established itself as an organization committed towards the socio-economic development of the poor people, majority of whom are scheduled tribes, working in the hard-to-reachareas of Jharkhand. I am proud to be the part of SIGN because it was able to professionalize itself and adapt to the challenges of the times while staying attentive to needs of the hour: contributing to the development of people, communities and organizations in the social and humanitarian spheres.


SIGN consciously tried to keep its programs and activities aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of United Nations especially SDG-2 i.e., Zero Hunger, SDG-3 i.e., Good Health and Wellbeing and SDG-4 i.e., Quality Education in its project area.


Beginning with SDG-2, SIGN, with its partners, is working in 19 districts of Jharkhand teaching, encouraging and motivating farmers to take up Organic Farming so that family members of these farmers get safe food throughout the year. Safe food is one part of the Good Health, therefore working on Good Health and Wellbeing, SIGN took the challenge to work in five most vulnerable districts of Jharkhand, viz. Latehar, Pakur, Palamu, Shebganj, and West Singhbhum as identified by UNICEF and successfully improved the status of malnourishment, Infant Mortality rate and Maternal Mortality rate among the mothers and children in these districts. Apart from these SDGs, SIGN also put its effort to provide educational opportunities to the poorest of the poor in four districts viz. Ranchi, Khunti, Simdega and Gumla.  


Investing in human capital is an investment that returns huge dividends. This year SIGN imparted various capacity building training to the members of CBOs, Health workers, School Teachers, school Children and staff of the partner organization in the sector of Education, Agriculture and Health.  These are the kinds of investments that do not just make economic sense; they also help countless people across Jharkhand to improve their quality of life.


Now, at the time of presenting this Annual Report, as I conclude my message, I see COVID-19 has already come to Jharkhand with vengeance. I feel it is going to affect all of us, but more specifically to the poor and the weak. Nevertheless, I am also confident that with the God’s grace you all will bring relief to the people.


I thank all the funding agencies for enabling SIGN to work for the downtrodden. I congratulate all the partners and staff of SIGN for their tremendous work done during the financial year 2019-2020.


Finally, special thanks to Fr. S. Christu Das, who worked tirelessly to work for the people of Jharkhand through SIGN. Now, on behalf of the members of Governing Board of SIGN, as the President of SIGN, I wish Fr. S. Christu Das all the best for his new endeavour in his diocese Dumka. I also assure Fr. Bipin Kumar Pani, the new Director of SIGN for the support of all the Governing Board members during his tenure at SIGN.


God Bless you all



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