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Tribal Development

According to 2011 census, there are 26.3 % of the total population of Jharkhand belongs to tribal groups of Jharkhand and 91.7% of this tribal group resides in the villages of Jharkhand. Tribal groups have largely been living in or around the forests with a rhythm akin to nature and thus their life cycle moves round nature. They do not merely depend on the natural resources for their livelihood, but their sole identity, culture, autonomy, conscience, tradition, ethos and existence are based on it. Dr. Ramdayal Munda, a Tribal legend describes the true characters of the Tribal community as “casteless, classless, based on equality, community based economic system, co-existence with the nature, consent based self-rule, dignity and autonomy”. Regrettably, these inherent characteristics of the community are rapidly disappearing. The status of Adivasi children and women is pathetic. The Adivasi women and children are suffering from anaemia and malnourishment. According to the Government data, the Neonatal mortality rate is 39.9, post-neonatal rate is 22.3, infant mortality rate is 62.1, child mortality rate is 35.8, and under five mortality rate is 95.7 in per 1000 live birth of Adivasi children. There is lack of political unity among the tribals. Recent development among the tribal youth is they like to hide their identity. Tribal youth is far from tribal philosophy. They do not like to do farming. Many of the young generation tribal do not speak their tribal language. There is a fear that whole tribal culture will be lost. Therefore, SIGN has very important role to play in reviving tribal culture, heritage. SIGN has a huge task to work for the people in collaboration with the Government of Jharkhand. SIGN determined to promote Tribal value system, because it supports communitarian aspect as well as it promotes unity.


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